Project Management Association Finland (PMAF)

Projektiyhdistys ry – The Project Management Association Finland is a national organisation, founded in 1978, which promotes interaction, project-oriented thinking and the exchange and development of project-based and academic knowledge between professionals in all fields of project management. It is also an active partner in the international project management community. 

The association develops its members’ project-based knowledge, as well as the productivity and competitiveness of corporate and community projects. The association’s members value the transmission of information, workgroups, development projects, project management forums, conferences and certification. The association works as a promoter and an intermediary of good project practices and experiences. 

PMAF's main focus areas are:

  • To implement and offer IPMA certifications in Finland
  • To provide events, information and best practices for project professionals
  • To act as a forum for self-development and information sharing and learning
  • To network national and international project professionals
Our mission is to increase our members productivity, performance and appreciation in project management. Vision 2018: PMAF is well-known and recognized as the leading Finnish project management association.