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The IPMA four level certification program is world leading and professionally demanding. By the end of 2015 there were approximately 250,000 IPMA certificants worldwide.

PM competence and certification have become key driving forces for individuals. The IPMA Four-Level-Certification system (4-L-C) addresses this need by providing a consistent process for the assessment and recognition of PM competence. 

Organisations certify your individuals to help them achieve their personal aspirations and to assure delivery of needed business results. To complement this, IPMA Delta helps you evaluate your organisational project and programme maturity and performance. IPMA Delta is an organizational project maturity assessment and certification, identifying actions needed to achieve better business results.

For those who are curious about how IPMA’s certifications compare to other global approaches, see this introduction to a unique article, Comparing PM Certifications, at the IPMA website

The benefits of the certification programs include:

For project personnel: An internationally recognised certificate acknowledging their competence in project management

For suppliers of project management services: A demonstration of employees' professional competences

For customers: An additional certainty that they will receive state-of-the-art services from the project manager