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21.2.2018 9.25

Call for Papers: 2nd Diversity in Project Management conference

For the 2nd time IPMA organizes in cooperation with CAPM (IPMA Croatia) an international 2-day Special Interest Group (SIG) conference on Diversity in Project Management. The conference will be held from June 7-9, 2018 in Brijuni Islands National Park - North Adriatic - Croatia. The 2018 Theme is: “Celebrating differences makes the difference”.

"Celebrating differences makes the difference”

Overview of the conference topics:
  • Various research results show that diverse project teams make better projects. So we need to bring more differences i.e. diversity into the staffing of our project teams to celebrate such differences.
  • But how to come to more diverse project teams in a world where diversity is not yet the key? How to bring along the ruling class of mainly (Caucasian) men and the feeling around mostly that more of the same won’t bring the required success anymore in a more and more diverse world?
  • How to overcome the challenges and conflicts that can derive from diverse, heterogeneous project teams? Best practice approaches to create a high performance team out of a formerly group of culturally diverse individuals.
  • What other instruments than quotas are effective tools to bring in a more diverse workforce in organizations?

Around 20 speakers in 2 days filled with the latest experiences and insights about how to bring more diversity into project management and project teams enabling the project success for better projects for a better world where all projects succeed. The conference will focus on the diversity challenges that organizations & project teams face to increase their project management success (A), to assure their future Project management workforce (B) and to improve social responsibility (C) split over three session streams: good practices (practitioners), better practices (experts) and next practices (academics) over the two days. 

We are delighted to send you this call for papers, inviting you to consider to be a presenter at Park, Croatia, whether you’re a practitioner telling about your good practices, an expert sharing ideas & solutions on better practices or an academic sharing insights in future next practices.

Inspiring and entertaining stories connected to our central theme: “Celebrating differences makes the difference” are welcome! Please review the conditions below and submit your abstract before March 15th, 2018.

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