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26.4.2018 10.27

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences wins the Project Management Championship 2018 in Finland

National finals of the Finnish Project Management Championship 2018 (PMC) took place on Wednesday, April 25,2018 in Helsinki at Eteläranta 10. The six teams with the highest scores in the qualification round were invited to the Finnish Project Management Championship´s final round.

The six best teams were from the following universities:

  • University of Oulu (2 teams involved)
  • Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
  • Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The jury consisted of project management experts:

  • Minna Reino from Project-IT
  • Markku Seraste from Project-IT
  • Tuula Nurmiluoto from Top Coaching Finland Oy
  • Ville Solja, IT consultant

At the finals the teams had to solve a case designed and provided by Project-IT, a company specialized in project management and leadership.  The teams had to launch a new sub-branch Vinssi, which is part of the Project-IT company. During the afternoon the teams found out that there was a twist in the case. Project-IT management team (jury) wanted also to hear a sales pitch from the teams why Project-IT should use the team's plans in the implementation of Vinssi´s www-pages renewal.

The jury commented that their decision was not easy as all teams excelled in some aspects of the case. The winner team was very enthusiastic and they had a special fire in their doings. They had a well-presented goal and vision with a global approach and an agile touch and they had not forgotten a little humor in their show. Good teamwork with a background of 95 years of experience (team age combined).

The jury announced that winners of Finnish PMC for students 2018 were the team from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. The members of the team were Juho Veteläinen, Feetu Hannila, Apurva Ganoo and Sebastian Lindberg.

Second place Team University of Oulu 2 (Johannes Soutukorva, Juho Arpi, Joni Koskinen and Ville Ohukainen). And third place Team Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Milja Jokinen, Lassi Landström, Iida Niskanen and Jenny Orajes)

The winning team will have an opportunity to participate in the International Project Management Championship in Serbia between June 1st-3rd, 2018. They also get the opportunity to take IPMA Level D certification test free of charge and take part in the Projektipäivät 2018 event. Three best teams will also get an invitation for a job invitation to Project-IT, the main sponsor of this PMC event.

The winners, the jury and PMC coordinator

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